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Our Recruiting Process

Intuity Technologies tailors each search to the specific needs of our clients - qualifying the characteristics of every position to be filled. Clear communication with decision makers helps us gain a clear understanding of your business and internal culture. Our recruiters offer partnerships to clients who wish to attract the finest talent. We invite you to view the steps below for recognized elements in a successful search


Step 1: Need Analysis

Our professional team will work with you to develop a competitive market search specification that will attract the very best candidate.

Comprehensive and candid discussions are held with the appropriate client contact to gain a complete understanding of company operations and objectives as well as the specific skills, attributes and style of person they want to hire. This allows Intuity Technologies to identify what the cultural fit of potential candidates looks like, and the required skills.

Step 2: Client Requirements

This is crucial to finding the perfect candidate.

One of the most important aspects is to develop a job description that clearly defines the scope of the position, duties and personal attributes. These specifications can be reviewed with the client in a consultative manner to gain a complete understanding

Step 3: Research and Identification

A network of relationships enables us to discreetly target exceptional candidates.

We use our total resources to identify a wealth of potential candidates. These resources include original research, data from similar assignments and direct referrals from our network of industry contacts


Step 4: Screening

Through the search process Intuity Technologies directs its efforts toward differentiating between the adequate individual and the candidate that best satisfies our client's requirement.

Technical ability is only one facet of a great IT employee. We identify and evaluate candidates extensively, exploring the other attributes in great detail. We make assessments about the cultural fit between company and candidate as well as long-term compatibility. We look to provide employees who will be long term fits and continue to provide value to your company

Step 5: Presentation

This attention to detail provides an efficient, timely and highly successful match

Upon completion of our Research, Identification and Screening process we provide a summary of the most qualified candidates for your review. This includes years experience, salary information, resume, and other relevant information to the specific position. We also make sure the candidate understands the client organization, its needs, goals and opportunity therein. Intuity strives to make sure this is a fit on all levels

Step 6: Reference Checks

This thorough process insures candidates are truly viable

Once the client has met and expressed an interest in an individual, Intuity conducts a thorough investigation into references provided. This is rigorous and insures new hires are of the finest ability

Step 7: Negotiation

Our team manages expectations and communicates with both our clients and candidates, to deliver acceptances

By acting as a buffer between candidate and client we are able to effectively advise each on the initial offer, counter offers, and acceptance

Step 8: Follow-Up

After a new hire starts, our job is not done!

Our exclusive retention program ensures both client and candidate satisfaction through scheduled feedback and continual communication. Our retention program ensures both client and candidate satisfaction through scheduled feedback and continual communication